RIBA South Award Shortlist 2017: Brighton College
RIBA South Award for Cairn’s Tower, 2017: Brighton College

RIBA National Award, 2017: St Alban's Abbey
RIBA East Award 2017: St Alban's Abbey
RIBA East Conservation Award 2017: St Alban's Abbey
RIBA East Project Architect of the Year Award 2017: St Alban's Abbey


Civic Trust Awards Regional Finalist 2016: Brighton College

St Albans Civic Society Trevelyan Prize Commendation
2016: St Alban's Abbey


RIBA London Award Shortlist 2012: Clissold House, Hackney
Hackney Design Award 2012: Clissold House, Hackney
RIBA Award 2012: King's Cross Central St Martins
RIBA Award 2012: St Pancras Hotel
RIBA London and English Heritage Best Building in a
Historic Context 2012: St Pancras Hotel
LPA Historic Building Management Award 2012: St Pancras Hotel
LABC Best Commercial Development 2012: St Pancras Hotel
RIBA London Conservation Award list 2012: St Pancras Hotel
RIBA Award 2012: St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith


Brick Awards Best Refurbishment Finalist 2011: St Pancras Hotel


St Albans Civic Society Award 2010: St Alban's Abbey

The Hammersmith Society Conservation award 2010: St Pauls Church, Hammersmith

Georgian Group Award 2010: Valentine's Park, LB Redbridge

Landscape Institute Commendation 2010: Valentine's Park, LB Redbridge

Georgian Group Award for the Restoration of a
Georgian Garden or Landscape 2010: Valentine's Park, LB Redbridge


Civic Trust Awards Special Mention 2007: Kenilworth Castle
Best Hotel & Leisure Project for 2007: Oxford Castle
Civic Trust Award for Outstanding Centre Vision: Oxford Castle
Oxford Preservation Trust Award 2007: Oxford Castle
RIBA South Award: Oxford Castle
RICS Project of the Year 2007: Oxford Castle


LABC Award for Best Commercial Project 2006: Burghley House, Stamford

Civic Trust Awards Special Mention: Kenilworth Castle visitor facilities
Warwick District Council New Build Design Award:
Kenilworth Castle visitor facilities
The Wood Awards Highly Commended Small Project:
Kenilworth Castle visitor facilities

Islington Society Award for Architecture
and Conservation 2006: Kings Cross Regent Quarter


International Green Apple Awards Nomination: Dagenham Civic Offices
Civic Trust Award Commendation: Freston Tower
RIBA Conservation Award Commendation: Freston Tower


Architectural Ironmongers Guild Award 2003: Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project


Civic Trust Awards Commendation: Lambeth Palace
Civic Trust Commendation: Southwark Cathedral
ADAPT Trust Access Award Shortlist Southwark Cathedral
RIBA Award: Southwark Cathedral
Stone Federation Awards Commendation 2002: Southwark Cathedral
Tylers and Bricklayers Special Award 2002: Southwark Cathedral
Landscape Institute 75th Anniversary Award: Southwark Cathedral


RFAC Building of the Year Shortlist: Lambeth Palace


Civic Trust Award: Sutton House


Europe Nostra Award: Sutton House
Interpret Britain Award: Sutton House


Civic Trust Awards Commendation 1989 30 Romford Road
Mansell Refurbishment Commendation 1989 30 Romford Road
London Electricity Energy Efficiency Award 1989 30 Romford Road

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