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BD Architect of the Year Awards
Shortlisted in Refurbishment Category 2018

Brighton College
RIBA South Award for Cairn’s Tower 2017
Civic Trust Awards Regional Finalist 2016
Brick Awards 2017

Burghley House, Stamford
LABC Award for Best Commercial Project 2006

Clissold House, Hackney
RIBA London Award Shortlist 2012
Hackney Design Award 2012

Dagenham Civic Centre
Green Apple Awards Nomination 2005

Freston Tower, Suffolk
Civic Trust Award Commendation 2005
RIBA Conservation Commendation 2005

Fulham Island
Building for Life Silver Commendation

Kenilworth Castle
Warwick District Council Design Award 2006
Civic Trust Awards Special Mention 2007
The Wood Awards Highly Commended 2006

Kings Cross Central St Martins
RIBA National Award 2012

Kings Cross Regent Quarter
Islington Society Award for Architecture and Conservation 2006

Lambeth Palace Courtyard and Crypt
RFAC Building of the Year Shortlist 2001
Civic Trust Awards Commendation 2002

Oxford Castle
RIBA South Award 2007
RICS Awards Project of the Year 2007
Civic Trust Outstanding Centre Vision Award
Best Hotel & Leisure Project Award 2007
RICS South East Best Regeneration Scheme
Mail on Sunday Mixed Use Development
MIPIM Best Hotel and Leisure Project
Oxford Preservation Trust Award 2007

Rawstorne Place, The Barn
LB Islington Award for Good Conservation

Romford Road, E15
Civic Trust Awards Commendation 1989
Mansell Refurbishment Commendation 1989
London Electricity Energy Efficiency Award 1989

Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project
RIBA National Award 2002
ADAPT Trust Access Award Shortlist 2002
Civic Trust Awards Commendation 2002
Stone Federation Awards Commendation 2002
Tylers and Bricklayers Special Award 2002
Architectural Ironmongers Guild Award 2003
National Stone Craft Awards Commendation
Landscape Institute 75th Anniversary Award

St Albans Abbey
RIBA National Award, 2017
RIBA East Award 2017
RIBA East Conservation Award 2017

St Albans Abbey cont...
RIBA East Project Architect of the Year Award 2017
St Albans Civic Society Trevelyan Prize Commendation 2016
St Albans Civic Society Award 2010

St Pancras Hotel
RIBA National Award 2012
RIBA London and English Heritage Best Building in a Historic Context 2012
BDA Awards Best Architectural Achievement
Brick Awards Best Refurbishment Finalist 2011
European Hospitality Awards Hotel of the Year
Tylers & Bricklayers Award Commendation
LPA Historic Building Management Award 2012
LABC Best Commercial Development 2012
RIBA London Conservation Award list 2012

St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith
RIBA National Award 2012

Sutton House, Hackney
Europa Nostra Award 1995
Civic Trust Award 1996
Interpret Britain Award 1995

The Charterhouse
Civic Trust Award 2018

Valentine’s Park, LB Redbridge
Georgian Group Award 2010
Landscape Institute Commendation 2010
Georgian Group Award for the Restoration of a Georgian Garden or Landscape 2010