St Albans Cathedral

Work carried out during the 17 years of Richard Griffiths’ Surveyorship has included all aspects of conservation, reordering and upgrading:

  • Cleaning, repairs and conservation of the historic fabric, especially to the dirty and decayed remains of the cloister and to the medieval west porches, involving stone and mortar repair, Doff cleaning and shelter-coating;  releading plain and stained glass windows;  conserving medieval wall and ceiling paintings.
  • Alterations to provide for liturgical needs within the context of a building of the highest national importance, including a complete re-ordering of the nave, under organ area and choir, the commissioning of 7 sculptures for the pulpitum screen, and a new stained glass window.
  • Alterations to provide for the needs of visitors, including the provision of equal access throughout the Abbey and the design of a new Welcome Centre
  • Solving the extraordinary technical challenge of hanging a new radial set of bells in the Norman tower

RIBA National Award, 2017
RIBA East Award 2017
RIBA East Conservation Award 2017
RIBA East Project Architect of the Year Award 2017